Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Virgin Killer: ban this image now!

You can find the Scorpions' Virgin Killer image of a naked girl that has been causing all the fuss 32 years after it appeared as an album cover by doing a simple google search, if you're so inclined. You should even be able to access it on the Scorpions' Wikipedia page again without any problems now that the Internet Watch Foundation has lifted its ban on the page, which was adhered to by most big UK internet service providers.

Unfortunately no one is currently proposing a ban on the image that replaced that of the girl, which I'm sure you'll agree is a disturbing picture of 1970s' rock idols at the peak of their perverted powers, with no redeeming 'artistic' context of any description. It's enough to make you thank The X-Factor for giving us the straightforward kiddie-porn of Eoghan and Diana and, gawd help us, JL 'it's just like the Beatles' S.


Fred said...

I always thought the Blind Faith album cover was a bit iffy.

Renegade Eye said...

Nothing like that since Miley Cyrus was on the Vanity Fair cover.

Anonymous said...

i remember when i was young
and i found my friends no longer fun
hanging out, i felt alone
it all got too heavy, had a mind of my own
so i visited new friends i got
we're doin' a thing called the pedophile rock
while the other kids were skatin' 'round the block
i was moanin' and groanin' at the pedophile rock

well, pedophile rockin'
is something shockin'
when their hands just won't keep still
i never knew that it was a crime
it was not against my will
oh lusty papa, those friday nights
they liked 'em young, they liked 'em tight
pedophile rockin' is kept out of sight

but the cops came by and the party died
everyone arrested by some vice squad guy
long nights cryin' by the condom machine
dreamin' of my daddy takin' off my jeans
but i'll never kill the germs i got
turnin' up cause of pedophile rock
fadin' fast as the weeks went past
i finally died from pedophile rock at last