Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Jade Goody: enough said

Somewhere I have copies of the articles I wrote back in 2002 and again during the 'Shillpa Poppadom' affair in 2007 sticking up for Jade Goody. I was going to dig them out and revisit what I'd written about class prejudice and Britain in the light of Jade's diagnosis with terminal cancer but it all felt a bit self-serving and inappropriate when the poor woman is dying, albeit in the full glare of the media spotlight.

Now Michele Hanson has said it for me and I don't have to worry about going over it all again myself. I have a mental image of a bile-filled Sun front page, however, that won't easily be laid to rest. I hope all those who were behind the Goody hatefest will pause for just a moment to reflect on it now.


Ann Brien said...

It is so heartening to find someone (there are a few others) who isn't bad-mouthing poor Jade. I've always liked her, she's one tough little cookie, no doubt that was always her survival mechanism. I wish her and Jack a peaceful and joyous time together for the short while that's left to them.

Cuffmasters said...

Jade reminds me of film The Truman show, reality imitating art. From the moment she was thrust into our front rooms to now there has been a trail of media manipulations and deviousness, and unrestrained celerity worship.

None of which she can be blamed for, at least not totally. Unfortunately her background made her perfect for this role

Interval Drinks said...

Yes, hers has been a Truman Show life. I hope she gets to end it on privacy though.

Sensible, thoughtful words, as always.