Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wake-up call on climate

On 21 September 2009, at more than 2600 events in 135 countries across the globe, people used their mobile phones to join together to issue a wake-up call to world leaders on climate change. The breadth and creativity of events was breathtaking (a world away from the old-style 'Whaddawewant?' chanting) and the message broke through to leaders and international media.


man and van london said...

I really hope that the World's leaders get this message before is too late to repair the damage.
"We're not destroying Earth, It will always recover it self, but we will surely be destroyed in the process"

Anonymous said...

How best to reach you?
The Red Pepper/365 Days item for 16 June purports to have a quote from Imre Nagy. It is nonsense! He never said that!
More from me ...
Bob Dent (Budapest)
Remember me?

John Frisk said...

I want to share this massage with world leaders. They should to recover it before that time when the whole process is destroy.