Monday, 17 November 2008

Barack Obama jokes

Okay, that’s enough of a new dawn, new day. The sun’s risen now, Obama’s not yet in the White House but all that can be said has been said. We’ve just got to wait until January for some action. As David Letterman put it, though – anyone mind if he starts a little early?

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to find even one half-funny joke about the president-elect. I’m not picky or PC – I’ll laugh at anything with a bit of wit to it. But a trawl of the usual sources for these things have come up with nothing better than the following:

Q: Why did Barack Obama cross the road?
A: To help the other side.

That was on a right-wing website where they clearly felt that the Good Samaritan was a commie agent. Doesn’t anyone have any good ones?

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Mad Mike said...

Why is Barack Hussain Obama talking about setting up a citizen army?? Don't you have the National Guard? The Coast Guard? The Army reserve? ATF? FBI?
What will this citizen army be protecting?
Sends chills down my spine and on reflection, didn't Hitler create his own citizen army? Stalin did, so did Mao, so did Castro oh oh and so has Chavez.

Now Obama?