Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A Tory for Obama

Andrew Boff has been in touch to say ‘thanks... for the very generous review. I should emphasise that I wasn't the main organiser, just a helper but there is common ground nowadays between people who might have been on either side of barricades in the 80s now finding that they are sometimes together in opposing the blunt corporatism of big government.’

I’m not sure how sound that common ground is (Broadway Market is not so far from Hackney Marshes, after all), but Boff is one of that new(ish) generation of Conservatives who are comfortable with civil liberty and personal freedom issues to a degree that would have been inconceivable in Margaret Thatcher’s day. He’s even a member of the intriguing ‘Tories for Obama’ Facebook group. Apart from Iain Dale, though, there don’t seem to be many other Tories of note prepared to nail their colours to the Obama mast, so that might not have been the best of moves if Boff has any future aspirations to higher political office under the Conservative label.


Mad Mike said...

Barack Hussain Obama is a joke. He claims to be African American but is half white. The media claimed that the election wasn't about race, but in their next breath couldn't stop talking about his race.

Plus Osamas links to Ayers and other far left violent radicals is downright disturbing.

OBAMAFU said...

There once was a man named Barack.
He was dark, but not really black.
This particular shade
was most likely to fade
when it rubbed off the green of the buck...

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