Friday, 2 May 2008

Election analysis: they won, we lost

One of the joys of no longer being a full-time working political journalist (or activist, for that matter) is that I don't have to wait around for election results and then knock out what passes for sophisticated analysis. So I'm off out now to make the most of London avant le deluge. (Actually I've got a hot date with my daughter's cooking and the last two episodes of Heroes.)

For anyone passing this way who was hoping for that election analysis, here it is. They won, we lost. This is largely because they got more votes than we did.


Janice said...

Hope you enjoyed Heroes. All we need is to get Hiro to freeze the space-time continuum and Silar to saw off Boris's cranium and London will be saved.

Tractor girl said...

Not in Norwich they didn't!

camden girl said...

Nor in Highgate, where the Greens won a by-election for their third seat on Camden Council.

highgate boy said...

The Greens already had two seats in the Highgate ward, so winning the third in a by-election wasn't so much of a surprise. However they won it from the Tories, who were forced into third place behind Labour. A big turnout for the mayoral election obviously helped Labour and the Greens, both of who did relatively well in London, despite Ken Livingstone losing.

The Highgate result was:
Alex Goodman (Green) 1,482
Labour 1,185Tory 1,180
Lib Dem 633
56.47 per cent turnout